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Janie Anderson-Temperley

The Navistar

Discover your Inner star

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what is This Navistar book all about...
The Navistar books are gentle journey books for children. This first Navistar book is titled 'Discover Your Inner Star' and it is all about encouraging and understanding the magic of 'Intuition' and how it feels to find this very important Sat Nav internal guidance system.
Children already have this superpower inside and it can be tapped into everyday  to make choices. By encouraging the use of positive thought, SELF-LOVE and SELF-BELIEF this books message simply aims to affirm the magic that exists inside every one of us.
The Navistar is a magical mystical best beast friend who journeys across the skies with a very special message to children across the universe!
Join his adventure to find Darcy his human friend and escape into the clouds.
This is where the magic happens...
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He peered down and there she was

- the human to share his mission.

‘Brilliant and fabulous’, he thought,

‘my plans are coming to fruition.’

Enjoy this ride...

This is your journey that will set you aside...

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