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New Children's Book Author


Janie Anderson-Temperley

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what is The Navistar all about...
The Navistar book is a gentle journey book for children to understand the magic of 'Intuition' and how it feels to discover this very important internal guidance system.
Children already have this superpower inside and it can be tapped into everyday  to make choices. By encouraging the use of positive thought, SELF-LOVE and SELF-BELIEF this books message simply aims to affirm the magic that exists inside every one of us.
The Navistar is a magical mystical best beast friend who journeys across the skies with a very special message to children across the universe!
Join his adventure to find Darcy his human friend and escape into the clouds.
This is where the magic happens...

Just for fun...

Win a beautiful Navistar Token bracelet

In your words what do you think the name Navistar means? 

Basics of Poetry

Poetry is one of the most beautiful ways to communicate. The Navistar would love to hear about your favourite poems. Can you think of your favourite poem and send it in on our inboard?

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Breathing is one of the most important actions your body can do and we don't even really think about it.

Imagine how you could breath to help calm down and feel a little less frantic...

Once you know how to do this its with you for the rest of your life...

Who is the Navistar

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Janie Anderson-Temperley

It's a total pleasure to write...

Did you know that when I was eleven years old I had to take an exam. I passed but the most extraordinary comment will remain with me forever...

'Your essay is quite fantastic and it really shines from the page, not one other student thought about expressing the statement in such an imaginative way'

I migt have read the question wrong but it was neither here nor there!

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The Navistar said...

'Once you feel your own star energy

-the brightest source of all,

You'll be tapped into a frewqrequency

that makes you feel 10 feet tall!'

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